Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Destiny's Child


LEMME UP GRADE! NO. Why the hell is Beyonce selling DirecTV? Has anyone seen this fuckin' commercial? In a nutshell, it's Beyonce with some "crew"dancing behind her with her singing creative lyrics like "lemme upgrade" and ahh, umm, no that's it. Those are the only lyrics.

Then Beyonce tells you all the great benefits of switching to HD DirecTV like…I don't even remember, I was to angry screaming WHY THE FUCK IS SHE ON THIS COMMERCIAL?!?!

The music isn't even good for R&B. It's shitty, like BAD. REALLY BAD.Plus it has something makes my blood fucking boil. A RANDOM WHISTLE BLOW. This (keep in mind I'm NO R&B/latin/dance expert) is relatively common place in this type of music. But since when has a whistle added to a song? What producer is sitting in a studio thinking, you knowwhat this song needs? It could really use a whistle, that'll really make the music shine. Christ that's irritating…

As if dancing, singing, and well written music wasn't enough, there's a show of a piece of bling reading, you guessed it, "upgrade", in HER TEETH. Like the upgrade is so good she wants to fucking eat it. Well,fuck, she can EAT IT.This commercial doesn't make me want to upgrade my satellite service;it makes me want to find the VP of marketing for direcTV and cram his ass full of flesh eating centipedes.

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chaosAT said...

Complete and utter bullshit. That commercial brings out the dancer in us all.