Sunday, November 18, 2007

All New Dodge Family Room


Do you need to be entertained every fucking minute? Sick of spending quality time with your family? Hate having to do things that waste your time while driving, like paying attention to the road? Well fear not, thanks to the geniuses at Dodge you can take care of all of those at once. The new Caravan has like 9 TV screens, a table, and if my eyes serve me right, a self serve potato bar.

What the fuck is so hard about driving 20 minutes to drop little Timmy off with out having to entertain his ass. When i was a kid I sat in the car and was quiet, you look at the shit out the window. Now kids are playing X-Box, watching movies, and eating sandwiches that were made in the kitchen in the back of the car, and not watching what is going on so when that 18-wheeler crosses the median they aren't prepared to get their skulls crushed in...but at least we can rest easy that in their final moments they were able to watch Shrek 3.

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