Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Add Me As Your Friend!


I am 24, I shouldn't give a fuck about MySpace, but i am single and enjoy tits. So I go through the same process every day and it always goes the same;

1) Nice! new friends, i will see who it is and add/deny them
2) Wow! look how hot this slut is! *click profile*
3) Fuck! she is fake and will just spam the shit out of my profile
4) Deny, and feel let down she wasn't real.
5) Repeat

But the thing is you have to check every time, because if one of these chicks with the name "seduce me" or "violet" or "cum crazy" is actually real and for some reason wants to be my friend, because maybe she just moved to Chicago, wants to make some new friends to go to shows with, hang out, watch the Discovery Channel, and maybe even decided to stop being a slut and wants to settle down with an average height, weight challenged, low income guy. And because I friended her, I might be that guy....or maybe she just wants me to join some dating site so I can see her "naughty pics"....either way, I can't take the chance of missing out on that.

Getting shot down via inter web makes my dick smaller than whiskey...


chaosAT said...

Getting shot down via inter web makes my dick smaller than whiskey...


You know... acknowledgment of the problem is the first step towards resolution. No one should ever stoop so low to adding someone who refers to themself as "Seduce Me". Haha.

Bubb, Pete and Vince said...

oddly, i did today, and she was real...really. i was amazed, she has a kid..that is no good

Pete said...

has anyone heard of "bizzypantys"?, well she is my spam bot, so stay the fuck away!