Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Limp Bizkit Ruined "Faith" For Me..

This has been pissing me off for more years than I care to remember: bands or musical artists that remake a song and call it there own. Or at least make no mention of the previous composers' name and hope that no one notices that their no talent ass couldn't put three power chords and some sappy lyrics together. How god damned difficult is it to write a fucking song that you have to steal someone else's? Here's a brief list of travesties perpetrated by no talent ass clowns:

1. The gold medal...Madonna redoing "American Pie" by Don McClean. This might be the biggest load of shit that ever came out of a woman's asshole...well at least until 2 girls one cup. American Pie may be the single greatest song in history and that whore unzipped her pants, squatted, and bent a fresh biscuit over the airwaves. And what's worse, when it came out, I kept hearing people talk about how great the new Madonna song was. Hey England, you can keep her. We'll gladly trade her for Posh Spice and her fine ass.

2. "I want you to want me," originally done by Cheap Trick and now...Lindsay Lohan. I refer you to the earlier comment..."how god damned difficult is it to write a song?" This is the simplest song since "mary had a little lamb." And once again, this talentless rusty tromboner comes along and steals it.

3. "Do ya think I'm sexy", originally done by Rod Stewart and redone by...wow...Paris Hilton. Don't even get me started on this waste of boobs.

4. "Satisfaction", originally done by the rolling stones, redone by the 2006 Hazzard County Fair hog queen, Britney Spears. Haven't you done enough Britney? I mean come on. Keith Richards heard this and fell out of a coconut tree, he was so distraught.

5. "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," originally done...if I have to tell you, fuck off. This title track was redone by quite possibly one of the worst bands ever...The cardigans. Remember? Pixie type blonde from somewhere in Europe. Anyways, I saw them open up for The Bosstones. They had the fucking nerve to end their set with this song. Are you fucking serious? I've never seen so many dudes throw away beer. Bottles came from everywhere! Listen, how retarded are you that you'd play a cover from the sickest band ever in front of a crowd like this? Leave Sabbath alone unless you've done a line of blow off a hobo's ass.

Feel free to add some of your own

BY: J McGraw

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Spamber said...

do you think I'm sexy was also redone by the Revolting Cocks.
much better i might add...
oh and the video has lots of boobies.