Saturday, February 16, 2008

1/28/08 Sunday Afternoon Random Thoughts

Ok, so I wasn’t going to do this tonight…that is until I just saw what I saw. It was a commercial for another dance movie for black people. I thought with the upcoming “how she move” movie, I thought our quota for bad dance movies was met for the year already, but I was wrong. The visual debacle knows as “Step Up 2” will now be hitting theatres. For one, I did not know there was a “Step Up 1”, two, after the glairing failure of “Bring it on Again” , “Stomp the Yard”, and “Drumline” you would think the people creating this shit would wise up, or get hit by a train…something….

It was my birthday last week, so Saturday I went out…I …got…out…of…control.

Superbowl is this weekend..and I say, who gives a fuck, the game is gonna suck, but I have high hopes for the commercials

I just ordered a sick pair Zoo York shoes.

So I spent Saturday night with some friends, and some people I just met. I am not sure how I feel about being with people that think they are too good for a punk rock bar….as if everything needs to be maid with glass, people need to have ties, and no neck tattoos. And last time I checked motorcycles and skulls is very fashionable…

I may…or may not have…puked Saturday night…several times…in the front lobby of a really high class building…in front of the door man…in the big turnstile door….like I said….maybe..or maybe not

I think I would make a good father…especially if my baby liked to go out drinking.

Dane Cook…kind of funny, but not really anymore, everyone likes him, which automatically makes him less cool.

I may or may not have fell into a bunch of glasses…stacked on the bar, and smashed like 20 of them…maybe…maybe not

I have made a small list. If a girl can check off everything on this list, she may be my dream girl…but I have yet to meet a 5 checker
1) Likes beer
2) Can watch Star Wars movies and not be bored
3) Likes metal
4) Can go 2 days without talking to me, or does not freak out if they do not hear from me every 6 hours
5) Agrees the following things suck: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, The Office, old people, babies, guacamole, and dirty white shoes

Check these bands out, and suck less:
Heaven Shall Burn
In Flames
Dead to Fall

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kristen said...

a return comment, because i'd like to thank you for reading at least a little of my blog!

i will agree with everything but your hatred of guacamole.

avacados are one of the most healthy things you could possibly eat ever, and i love me some mexican food.