Saturday, February 16, 2008

1/6/08 Sunday Afternoon Random Thoughts

SO I am watching the new American Gladiators. Now, I love this show, but the new version is yet to impress me. With names like Wolf, Crush, Malitia, and so forth, I am a little down there is no Nitro, Pyro, or Blaze. Which makes me wonder, where are those American Gladiators from 20 years ago. Do you think there friends still call them Nitro or whatever there names were. Cause that would be a little lame.

If I was the asian kid in Captain Planet that got “heart” I would be fucking pissed

I am thinking about filling my roommate’s bodywash bottle with Rogain to see what will happen.

Congrats to Seattle, they get to get their asses kicked by the pack next Saturday at 3:30.

This American Gladiators has a lot of talking and shout outs to their family and bullshit…I tuned in for violence…I want to see bones broken…none of this good sportsman ship bullshit…this should be like high school football, if you come out of the Joust with a smile on your face after losing you get smacked in the face!

PS – Crush is the hottest chick…Golgatha is gigantic and would Crush me!

My roommate got his ass kicked this weekend, and I thought I was the out of control one.

I laugh at homeless people sometimes, especially while they are singing and shit by my car. But I also feel bad when I think how much that would suck to be in there situation, but then I stop caring again and go do something that involves money and food… sucks to be them.

Shout out to my boy C.O. from Vegas for hooking it up with Nintendo, much Mario Kart will be played!

Your local band sucks! So please don’t ask me to watch them.

The Biggest Loser. What a stupid fucking show. I don’t care if you are fat, I don’t care if you are trying not to be fat, so why the fuck would I want to watch you and your 600 pounds run a mile and then weigh yourself in front of a panel. If you feel bad for being fat and don’t like people judging you, why the fuck would you do it on network TV.

I am still growing my beard; I am not shaving until the Packers lose. It is the longest I have ever grown it.

American Gladiator is really starting to piss me off. All this good spirit sucks. And this just in the really black guy’s name is Knight….no pun intended I am sure.

Listen the following, you might suck less:
Red I Flight
D 12
The Funeral Pyre
With Blood Comes Cleansing
Justin Timberlake
Counting Crows

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