Saturday, February 16, 2008

1/13/08 Sunday Afternoon Random Thoughts

I almost didn’t write one this week….that was until I just saw the commercial for “How She Move”. Are you fucking kidding me! It is basically “Stomp the Yard” 2. I do not even have words to describe how much I laughed, I may have even pooped a little. I don’t understand how all these movies clearly aimed at African Americans revolve around barber shops, taking a black guy and putting him in a fat woman suit, or dancing. That seems fucked up to me, as if to say black people do not go to films with actual content. Although I suppose it is the equivalence, of Adam Sandler, Jackass, and anything Rob Snyder does for white people.

Packers….Fuck yeah
Giants…Fuck yeah
Chargers….Fuck yeah

My Saturday for the Packer Game1pm
– Get to Porch’s House2pm
– Get to Bar for game3pm
– Game is about to start, many large beers already gone5pm
– Pretty well on my way, Packers are winning5:05pm
– Thumb wrestle some random chicks5:06pm
– Win thumb wrestling7pm
– packers have won, wasted, on my way to Cobra8pm
– Eat dinner at cobra, shot, shot , shot9pm
– Passed out in my bed

So I made the smart decision to play Mario Kart against my roommate for money, but I unknowingly choose a slower car, needless to say, 100 games later I was down $177…it was a long Friday night.

Brett Favre is awesome…end of story

My beard growing for the green and gold continues….it is getting pretty far out there.

Terminator: The Sara Suck Chronicles….what a joke, they keep bringing all this shit back, Gladiators was a let down, and now they are bringing back Night Rider. If I have to see one more reality show about dating or being a model I swear I will start blowing shit up.

60 degrees in January..and now for the first time ever it snowed in Bagdad…I have never been behind the whole Global Warming thing…but something is fucked up right now… I like to tell myself the earth goes through massive cycles, which is true, but the way the shitty drivers in Chicago drive with a little snow, I can only imagine how the people who have never seen snow drive when a few flakes land. I imagine trucks (and tanks) careening into buildings and running over infants.

As much as I like Peter Frampton, I often wonder how he was just sitting around one day and goes, “I want to play guitar through my mouth” and then I feel bad for the roadie who he goes to and says “dude, I want to play guitar through my mouth…make it happen”

Hint – Baby Mario + Turtle with wings + green shell car = winning combo

Cloverfield….what the fuck is it…I am standing by my Godzilla prediction…. And if the movie sucks I am going to be way bumbed out!

My birthday is in a week. I will be officially old.

Things that everyone likes but I think is lame:
James Bond Movies
The Office
Babies and old people

Listen to the following and suck a little less:
Farewell to Freeway
Cannibal Corpse
Jefferson Airplane

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