Saturday, February 16, 2008

2/5/08 Sunday Afternoon Random Thoughts

If I was a 17 year old girl, I would do everything to Ryan Sheckler…and I mean everything.

Ladies … colored leggings under skirts….no….read my lips…NO…seriously…NO!

Don’t worry, I have one for the dudes as well. Bandanas ….no. Not in your back pocket, not around your neck, not around your wrist or leg…unless you are a pirate, construction worker, or are from NJ, there is no need to ever wear a bandana.

What ever happened to Topenga from Boy Meets World? Last I remember she got fat. And what about Stephanie from Full House? Last I remember she did a porn.And what ever happened to Kelly from Saved by The Bell? Last I remember she was dead or some shit.

Rob and Big…I want that life…all of it…but i don’t want a big black guy, I want something crazy, like a sumo dude, and indian (feather not dot), or like a sweet spider monkey.

Making The Band 4 is on tonight. You think after the first 3 did not produce said “band”, they would have cut that shit.

Ladies…black, red, dark blue = attractive wear that shit
Ladies…spants, capris, sun pants = not attractive, do not talk to me

I got a sick SICK pair of Zoo Yorks in the mail today, so stoked.

I want a sponsor, like a ridiculous one, and would pimp that shit all over. On my shirts, hats, one the side of my car….everywhere. but it needs to be crazy…not a young brand, but something off the wall like Adult Depends, Anal Cream, Roach Houses, or Tide.

I don’t want to be a race car driver, I want to be a Race Car Passenger, and just bug the driver. Maybe you should slow down….make this left….you sure do like Tide…

Pirates of the Caribbean 3, I have never been so un-entertained by big name actors.

Coming up next week for shows, All That Remains, Chimaira, Dead To Fall, Emmure, Darkest Hour, Whitechapel, amoung others….so stoked.

Listen to these bands this week, and you may not only find a new band, you may actually gain some credibility:
Dream Theater
Between The Buried and Me
The Red Chord
In Flames

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