Saturday, February 16, 2008

12/26/07 Sunday Afternoon Random Thoughts

I just watched 28 Weeks Later, and I am drunk, so I have a lot of really random things this week.Like....ok, I am sorry, but if a whole area becomes infected with a virus that makes everyone turn into blood thirsty zombies and has no cure, you better believe we are nuking that whole mother fucker…. no quarantine, no army, just a whole lot of fast planes and big bombs…. PETA can eat it, everything living is going the fuck down…

Christmas was good, drank with my family like usual, I got a bunch of lottery tickets, and won $4, but I can’t complain…I also got a bottle of Captain, a sweet Wisconsin hoodie, and Planet Earth DVD’s, and if you have not seen this BBC/Discovery Channel special, you need to get on the nature train.

What the FUCK happened to the Packers this past Sunday!!! FUCK!!!..I am going to the Lion’s game this weekend, so Favre better put on a show…

Remember R.E.M and that one good song they had, I like that song…..

People wonder, if my loved ones turned into zombies….could I actually kill them?....Fuck yes I could, they are fucking zombies people…. Sorry Uncle Chuck, you are about to fucking bite my face off….boom, shotgun to the head..(cause that is the only real way to kill zombies)

I decided this weekend I need to drink less…I will keep you up to date on how that is going.I also decided I am going to look for a something a little more permanent on the girl front, lately I just don’t care…as in I go to the bars and would rather talk to Porch than girls… I just don’t want to put the time in anymore…maybe I am just lazy.

Not even kidding, at the Dead to Fall show this Friday i almost got shanked walking 1 block to the venue, I pissed off a whole car of black dudes, I have no idea why, we were in the ghetto...and not the area white people call the ghetto, like the place even gang dudes don't want to go....O welll, Dead to Fall killed, I didn't get knifed, and my car didn't get jacked, so fuck it....

I played with my cousins kids this weekend at Christmas, I decided that I want to have a boy, that is over 5 years old, so I can teach him cool shit, like skateboarding, hating soccer, why Star Wars is cool and Star Trek is for fags, football, and death metal.

Zombies should be slow moving brain eaters….not fast moving blood drinkers….sorry 28 days/weeks later people, do you’re fucking homework!!!

New Years in Chicago is still on, everyone is invited.

I saw Spitalfield’s last show this past Sunday, I may have almost cried…what about it, I really liked those dudes, and Mark was a great dude and nice to me. They played WSUP’s 40th birthday party in Platteville, and I loved some of their shit

.Brett Favre….lets step it up. There will be a large group of us tailgating in Green bay this weekend, if you are around, stop in for some free brats.

I need to get laid…

Brandy and coke =Good
Captain and coke = Great
Brandy and coke and then Captain and coke = Amazing

I agree with the writers, they deserve money for thier work via internet and DVD sales, but start writing again....fuck, i can only watch the same SVU so many times...

Listen to this shit or I will beat you with a rubber hose...
All That Remains
Five Pointe O
Dead To Fall

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