Saturday, February 16, 2008

12/17/07 Sunday Afternoon Random Thoughts

Remember that kid on Married With Children, his name was Seven, and he lasted for like fucking 1/2 a season, or the kid and aunt on Family Values the dropped off the face of the earth, or when Becky from Rosanne left and then came back and was a different person...that shit is stupid, fuck those shows.

Remember that song that had that chica-cherry-cola part in it? That song sucked.

I went back to my college this weekend. I drank...a lot. I also went 12-1 in Beruit (beer pong for you wierd people). I met a nice girl and hung out with her 2 days in a row.....danced with her, sang karaoke with her, gave her my shirt when she was cold....and...not even a kiss...o, and to top it off, didn't even get my brand new shirt back! suck, stop stealing dudes shirts, it has been a social problem since the dawn of time, I am missing no less than a dozen of my favorite hoodiesRememeber that band Aqua and that guy Lou Bega....They fucking sucked.

How about those Packers? How about those Cowboys? How about those Dolphins? It was a pretty sweet Sunday of football.

Beer + Jager + house party + All that Remains DVD = Preppy little girls and boys freaking out at the metal dudes hardcore dancing in the basement.

I have yet to go Christmas shopping. Which reminds me I FUCKING HATE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! FUCK!!!! Until i hear a Slayer or Lamb of God Christmas song, and it is not about sleighs, or bells, or snow, I will contine to hate it. What about all the people that freeze to death in the cold weather, the old people that fall on the ice, the people that have no one and hate life during the holidays....lets hear a fucking Christmas song for them!

I think (I say think, becasue I have yet to really decide) I find bull ring piercings on hot

I decided that if the Spice Girls played a show near me, I would go.

When are we going to get another Will Smith record?

Listen to this shit...seriously, fucking Google these bands right now!!!
With Blood Comes Cleansing
Rick Ros
Dead To Fall (I get to see them Friday!!!!)
Spitalfield (Thier last show EVER is this Sunday in Chicago, see you there!)

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