Saturday, February 16, 2008

1/22/08 Sunday Afternoon Random Thoughts

Well…. It is my birthday in 2 hours. I continue to support the idea that after 21, every birthday just gets more and more depressing. I am getting old. I am a quarter centaury old, or as I see it, 50% of my life is over. Yeah, I can’t see living much past 50..lets be serious. They need to make birthday’s a little better after 21. Like when you turn 25 you get have a threesome, or when you turn 30 you get a free car, and 50 you get to spend a week on an island with a girl half your age…I mean lets get something to look forward to here.

Dead to Fall has a new song up on their MySpace, listen to it, it is amazing and funny, list en to Major Rager, and get like 1:40 in, I crack up everytime.

The Giants…. What can I say..they played better, The Packers did not play to their capacity…but let me says this, I hope New England (keep in mind I hate anything remotely related to Boston) walks in and wins by 50, breaks all of the offensive line’s legs, gives Eli a collapsed lung, and every Giants fan in AZ gets a DUI.

Emmure called and left a Voicemail of one of their new tracks from the studio….I pooped a little it was so good.

Football commercials have gotten lazy and do not entertain me anymore…Bud Light, American Express, NHL…where are all the good commercials??

It was cold this weekend….like really cold…. Fuck that

Cloverfield….not bad, when I left the theatre, I was not angry, I was not upset I spent 8 bucks for it…the shitty 7 dollar popcorn on the other hand made me irate.

Shoot ‘em Up…holy Christ…worst movie ever…like I mean bad…anyone remember American Movie…yeah, worse than that!


So my Playoff Beard is gone now, back to clean shaven baby face. I was just starting to like it too.

One last thought on Cloverfield….theoretically lets say a giant monster attacked my city, and theoretically the army could not stop this thing, and theoretically it was dropping mini monsters that ate people, I theoretically would not be filming shit, or worrying about anyone else not with me, I would be getting the FUCK OUT OF DODGE!!!

There is new Counting Crow songs up on their MySpace page, go check that shit out.

I looked at a new apartment today, it is way close to Downtown, it is disgustingly amazing. Like if you live there nothing but hot chicks, diamonds, and baked goods would fall from the sky for you.

Hellooooooooo…remember that Seinfeld, I love that shit.

Eli Manning is a fucking bitch!

Listen to the following and you will suck less:
With Blood Comes Cleansing
Counting Crows
Arise and Ruin
In Flames
Rotting Christ

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