Saturday, February 16, 2008

1/1/08 Sunday Afternoon Random Thoughts

Well it is a new year…as if that really means anything. All this means is that for the next month everything I sign and date will have an 07 scribbled out and an 08 after it.

You know that song from Green Day...Holiday...that song fucking sucks.

Christmas was good. I didn’t get socks, so that is cool, but I did get Planet Earth, the documentary from the BBC, this nature show on steroids is the fucking shit! Other than that I got some cash, a sweatshirt…..and o yeah, the birth of our savior. So all and all, a good year.

Mass texts on holidays…..STOP FUCKING DOING THAT! If I was depressed during the holiday seasons, all the commercials about family and cheer would bum me out more.

Forget Marylin Manson, Heavy Metal, Videao Games, and Movies for violent messed up people. I blame Kay Jewlers, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, and all the other companies that promote “holiday cheer”.

Speaking of which, who the fuck buys someone a car for Christmas…holy fuck do I want to live in that family…I know, I know, rich people right…well fuck them, quit wasting my commercial time with the commercials then. I would guess that all the people watching UFC and FOX are not wealthy or going to buy someone a car.

This past weekend was my sports weekend. I went to see the Admirals play Chicago in Milwaukee on Friday night (hockey). I then went to the Green Bay/ Lions game on Sunday. Packers won of course, and I would have to say Porch, Dozer, X Man, Vince, and I tailgated the fuck out of that game! Today I just watched Wisconsin loose to Tennessee, which was a downer.

I didn’t go out for New Years…I know right, we sat in, drank, watched Discovery Channel, and that is about all. Why? New Years is amateur night. All these fucks who never drink and can not handle their booze go out, put on hats and start getting in fights and puking everywhere. That is a Thursday night for the people I hang out with! I just didn’t want to deal with it.

I have found the older I get, the easier it is to talk younger people into anything.

Korbel brandy makes me have really fucked up dreams. On the up side I am pretty sure I dreamed the next huge blockbuster, it is a mix of Godfather and The Matrix but 100 times better. On the down side I was to lazy to take notes when I woke up and can not remember a god damn thing now.

If there is anything I hate more than Christmas music, it is Christmas commercials. Someone want to tell my where the fuck a bunch of penguins got a bottle of coke, and how did the bear get it open! And if he did drink it, I am pretty sure it would be puking all over.

I am not shaving again until the Packers loose. I already have a pretty good shag going, so this should be interesting because I can’t grow a good looking beard if I tried.

What the fuck Giants…you almost beat The Patriots….try harder!

I have found the only people who dislike me more than the people that have a right to dislike me…are their sisters.

Listen to the Following or your 2008 will suck:
Johnny Cash
All That Remains
Dead to Fall
Between The Buried And Me
Cannibal Corpse
Jay Z
Murder By Death
Led Zeppelin

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