Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bubb's Top of 2007

Finally here are my top lists from 2007. I did not give a little explanation for each because I already have been working on this forever, and I need to move on with life, if you don;t understand why something is awesome on my lists you are an idiot and we should not be friends. IF you have a problem with anything I considered released in 2007, think it was a stupid spot for something or disagree with this, you can go fuck yourself…yep…do it. This is MY list, go ahead and judge me, but if you read this with an open mind, and check out a band or movie on any of my lists that you have not I guarantee you will like it. I look forward to seeing your lists and telling you why your favorite stuff is not good. Enjoy.

Top 25 Favorite Albums Released in 2007

25. Arsonists Get All the Girls – The game of Life (Century Media)
24. Poison The Well – Versios (Ferret)
23. Caliban – The awakening (Century Media)
22. Fear My Thoughts – Vulcans (Century Media)
21. Deadlock – Wolves (Lifeforce)
20. Led Zeppelin – Mothership (Atlantic)
19. Dark Tranquility – Fiction (Century Media)
18. The Funeral Pyre – The Nature of Betrayal (Prosthetic)
17. Kanye West – Graduation (Roc-A-Fella)
16. Counting Crows – August and everything after DELUXE EDITION (Geffen)
15. The Red Chord – Prey For Eyes (Metlablade)
14. Emmure - Goodbye to the Gallows (Victory)
13. Beneath the Massacre – Mechanics of Dysfunction (Prosthetic)
12. Machine Head – The Blackening (Roadrunner)
11. Despised Icon – The Ills of Modern man (Century Media)
TOP 10…..
10. Carnifex – Dead in My Arms (This City is Burning)
9. Bayside – The Walking Wounded (Victory)
8. Jay Z – American Gangster (Roc-A-Fella)
7. The Autumn Offering – Fear Will Cast No Shadow (Victory)
6. Ion Dissonance – Minus The Herd (Abacus)
5. Darkest Hour – Deliver Us (Victory)
4. As I Lay Dying – An Ocean Between Us (Meltablade)
3. Whitechapel – A Somatic Defilement (S.O.A.R.)
2. August Burns Red – messengers (Solid State)
1. Between The Buried And Me – Colors (Victory)

Top 10 Shows Attended in 2007
10. Bayside/Sleeping/A Day To Remember – Chicago, IL (November 29th)
9. Emmure/Sleep Serapis Sleep – Milwaukee, WI (November 23rd)
8. All That Remains/Misery Signals/The Human Abstract – Chicago, IL (February 16th)
7. The Faint – Chicago, IL (May 21st)
6. Misery Signals/The Agony Scene/Emmure – West Dundee, IL (October 14th)
5. As I Lay Dying/All That Remains- Chicago, IL (November 19th)
4. New England Metal & Hardcore Festival – Worcester, MA (April 27th-28th)
3. MetalBlade 25th Anniversary show- Chicago, IL (September 29th)
2. Warped Tour - Ventura, CA (June 30th)
1. Rage Against The Machine/Wu Tang/ Cypress Hill/ Mos Def/ Public Enemy – NYC, NY (August 24th)

10 of My Favorite DVD Movies/TV to DVD from 2007

10. Transformers
9. Knocked Up
8. Lord of War
7. Shooter
6. Blood Diamond
5. Alpha Dog
4. Metalocolypse
3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 1&2)
2. Super Bad
1. The Departed

Things in 2007 That Made it Worth Living

House MD (tv)
At The Gates announcing reunion shows
Planet Earth (BBC series)
Mike Rowe (everything he does)
Rage Against The Machine
Law & Order: SVU (tv)C.S.I (Original…. Las Vegas, not that Miami bullshit) (tv)
Adult Swim (tv)
Justin Timberlake (music/movie/love)
Between The Buried and Me (music)
Cheddar CheeseFamily Guy (tv)
Packer FootballCobra Lounge (Bar)
Tuna Sub special at Subway
All That Remains (music)
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (tv)
How I Met Your Mother (tv)

Biggest Cluster Fucks/Let Downs of 2007

Smokin' Aces (movie)
A life Once Lost - Iron Gag (album)
TI – TI vs TIP (album)
Pig Destroyer – Phantom Limb (album)
The Contract (movie)
The entire year of "American Dad"
Smashing Pumpkins – Zeitgeist (album)
Ozzfest (festival)
Hot Fuzz (movie)
Haste the Day's New Singer


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